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Why You Should Create a Virtual Vision Board + How to Do it

What is a Virtual Vision Board?

You've probably heard of a vision board before: you get a poster board, cut out inspirational photos and quotes from magazines, and paste them to the board so that you have a visual representation of your goals front of mind at all times. A virtual vision board is the same thing, but you make it online instead. I made my virtual vision board on Canva for free, which you can see below.

My Virtual Vision Board:

Why Should You Make a Virtual Vision Board?

The greatest reason for making a vision board is because they're fun! It's so much fun choosing photos that mean something to you and that reflect your goals and ambitions. Creating a vision board also allows you to gain clarity and focus on what's important to you and to see them in a tangible way instead of just as ideas in your head. By creating a virtual vision board, you'll be able to see your vision each and every day when you check your computer.

How do You Make a Virtual Vision Board?

  1. Create a free account with Canva at

  2. In the search bar, type "Desktop Wallpaper."

  3. Canva will give you a number of templates to choose from. You can choose from one of their's or you can select a blank template like I did.

  4. If you choose a blank template, you will then need to go to "Elements" on the lefthand side, then search for "Grids." Put as many grids as you want onto your page (the boxes are where the photos will go).

  5. Decide what your vision or goals are for your life.

  6. Search for photos on Pinterest and Google that reflect these goals. Save the photos and upload them into Canva and then insert them into your grids.

  7. Boom! That's it. Now you have a virtual vision board in the form of a desktop that you can save on your computer and look at every day.

What Should I Put on My Vision Board?

Figuring out what photos to put on your vision board will be unique to you and your vision, but I'll list out the meaning behind the photos on my board to give you a jumping off point.

  • Photos of places you want to visit: The top places I want to visit right now are Denmark, Thailand, and Greece.

  • Health goals: I chose a yoga photo to represent my desire to move my body, specifically with yoga, as well as a reminder to incorporate more meditation into my life.

  • Cooking goals: I want to cook more.

  • A microphone: To represent that I want to start a podcast one day.

  • Marriage: A photo of Jonathan and I on our wedding day to remind me to focus on our relationship and making it the best it can be.

  • Career goals: A photo of a woman on a laptop to represent my goal to consistently blog and a photo of a person writing to represent how I want to write a book one day.

  • Spiritual goals: A photo of a wellness retreat to represent spirituality. Spirituality is important to me and it's something I want to build a better relationship with.

  • Fantasy goals: I have a photo of a cafe that represents that cafe I would like to open one day. This isn't a goal I've put much thought or planning into, which is why I call it a fantasy goal.

  • Puppy: A photo of a Pekingese because I want a cream Pekingese one day like the one in this photo.

  • Friendship: I chose a photo of a group of girls hanging out because I'd love to make a group of girlfriends where I live. I'm new to the area and have made friendships, but not a squad of friends yet.

  • Self-love: A photo of a woman hugging herself to remind myself to cultivate more self-love.

  • Inspirational quotes: Some of my favorite quotes to encourage me.

There ya have it friends, everything you need to know to create your own virtual vision board. If you make a virtual vision board, I would love to see it! Please feel free to email me yours at :)

Your gal,



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