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Why Everyone Needs a Solo Trip + How to Plan One

When you think of taking a trip, the thought of going alone probably doesn't come to your mind right away. We often go on trips with loved ones or friends, but I believe that going on trips by yourself every once in awhile is just as important.

Why Should You Take a Solo Trip?

  1. To reconnect with yourself. When was the last time you had a day to yourself? A day without your partner, your kids, your friends, or work asking for your attention. My guess is that it's probably been awhile. We're social creatures with responsibilities so naturally it's difficult to carve out time for ourselves. But just because it's hard to get time to ourselves doesn't mean that we shouldn't prioritize it. Who are you when you're not around others? What makes you, you?

  2. To reflect. When you have time alone, you can reflect on your life. I suggest reflecting by journaling so that you can articulate your thoughts on paper. You can ask yourself questions like: What do I love about my life and what do I wish was different? Where do I want to be a year from now and what steps can I take to make that happen? What do I want more of in my life? What do I want less of? If I won the lottery tomorrow, how would I choose to spend my days?

  3. To spend time doing what you want to do. What do you like to do when the options are limitless? This may be a question you haven't asked yourself in a long time and because of that, you might not even be sure what you like to do. That's totally okay. If you're having a hard time figuring out what you like to do besides hanging out with your friends and family, start writing down a list of things that interest you or things that you enjoyed doing when you were younger. When you're on your solo trip, you can spend time either enjoying your hobbies or you discovering new ones.

  4. To realize that you can do things by yourself. When you never do anything by yourself, the idea of going on a solo trip can be intimidating. I want you to imagine how empowered and free you will feel after taking this trip though. If you can go on a trip alone, you will gain more independence and confidence in your abilities.

How to Plan an Amazing Solo Trip:

  1. Decide on your intention. What is the purpose behind your solo trip? Are you wanting to relax, to have an adventure, to spend time outdoors, to unplug, to have more time pursuing an interest like writing a book or creating art?

  2. Choose a location. This is the fun part. Your trip can be as simple or as elaborate as you make it and you can go anywhere. Here are some ideas of where you can go: A treehouse in the forest like this one, a yurt, an Airbnb by the ocean, a day trip to a city near you, a tiny home, a winery, a spa and hotel, or even another country.

  3. Decide how many days you want your trip to be. If this is your first solo trip, I recommend starting small with one to three days because having too much time by yourself may feel overwhelming at first. Solo trips can be as many days as you'd like though. You can plan a short weekend trip or even a three-month trip.

  4. Plan activities. As with any trip, plan what you want to do! Your activities should reflect your intention or purpose behind this trip. For instance, if you're taking this trip to spend more time outdoors, your activities could look like hiking, skiing, rafting, camping, or rock climbing. If the purpose of your trip is to spend time writing your novel, you'll want to find a relaxing and productive place where you can write without distraction.

  5. Enjoy yourself. Don't put too much pressure on this trip. Focus on getting in touch with yourself and having a good time in your own company.

After the Trip:

After your solo trip, my hope is that you feel restored and that you have a closer relationship with yourself. Remember, the longest relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. You are worth taking time for. If you enjoyed your trip, try to make going on a solo trip a priority at least once per year. You deserve this time for yourself.

If you do take a solo trip, I would love to know where you go and what you do! Please feel free to send me an email at I always respond :)

Your gal,



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