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What Are Angel Numbers and What do They Mean?

Have you ever been minding your own business and then randomly noticed the same number out of nowhere? Maybe you were driving and noticed that the car in front of you had 111 on their license plate, or perhaps you purchased a coffee and noticed that your total on your receipt was $4.44. These little synchronicities can feel special and that's because they are. What you've been seeing are angel numbers.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers (e.g., 111, 444, etc.) that you see in your everyday life. Angel numbers come from numerology, which is the idea that everything in the universe can eventually be broken down into numbers and that these numbers have significant meanings for the world and individuals. I suppose I was first introduced to angel numbers in high school without really realizing it. When I was in school, everyone would always say "make a wish!" when the time was 11:11. 11:11 is just one example of an angel number but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of angel numbers that range from the 0's to the 9's.

What makes angel numbers unique is that anyone can experience them. Unlike astrology, zodiac signs, and personality frameworks, angel numbers do not depend on the time you were born and they don't tell you anything about your personality or identity. Rather, angel numbers are shown to you by angels, the universe, source, or whatever you believe in, to help guide you through life. When you see an angel number, it's like a little wink from the universe telling you that you're on the right path.

What do Angel Numbers Mean?

Each angel number has a different meaning and significance, but each number grouping has a theme that they follow. Here are the themes below:

Repeating 0's are a sign of new beginnings. Doors are opening for you and you will have new opportunities to consider.

1's are generally known as the most powerful angel numbers. 1's represent the self and oneness with the universe. You can remember that 1 is a symbol of the self by thinking of just one person (you) or that you're number one. If you are seeing repeating 1's, you're moving towards your higher self and you're receiving support from the universe.

Seeing 2's represents union and coming together with others. An easy way to remember this is to think of 2's as a pair, like in a romantic relationship or best friendship. If you're seeing 2's, now is a good time to align with love among others.

Repeating 3's represent expansion and higher power. When you see 3's, the universe could be telling you to tap into your own abilities such as your talents, wisdom, or creativity.

4's are about stabilization and help from the angels. You're receiving support from the angels to get clear on your life and to establish a strong foundation for it. By building a strong base for your life, your gifts will expand.

5's suggest that you are about to encounter major changes in your life and go through a transformation. These changes will take your action and input. Seeing 5's means that you're on the right path for those changes.

Recurring 6's suggest that you need to tread carefully and intentionally. You'll want to look within to find the answers you're looking for.

7's are the luckiest of the angel numbers and seeing them means that good fortune is on the way. 7's represent magic, manifestation, and divine inspiration. When you see 7's, get in touch with your spiritual side.

Repeating 8's signal that you're on a journey and are going to undergo growth and spiritual lessons. Some people may feel that when they see 8's, they're getting a message from a loved one who's passed on into the afterlife.

9 is the final digit in numerology and symbolizes a journey coming to an end and a new one beginning. This is a time of self-mastery and union with the higher self. Seeing 9's means that angels are encouraging you to start your new journey.

Where Can You Find Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are all around us and you can find them pretty much anywhere that numbers are. You can see angel numbers in license plates, receipts, plane tickets, phone numbers, addresses, clocks, scales, and more. You may see an angel number once in your life, or many times. The frequency in which you see angel numbers doesn't matter. You'll see them when you're meant to and when the universe has something to say to you.

What Should You do When You See an Angel Number?

Seeing angel numbers can help you decide what to do in your life or let you know that you're on the right track. The first time that I saw an angel number that I can remember was actually just a few weeks ago. I workout at a gym called OrangeTheory and after each class, they email you your progress letting you know how many calories you burned. After one of my classes, my email said that I burned 555 calories. The number definitely stood out to me since it's a repeating sequence and when I looked it up in Kyle Gray's book Angel Numbers, here's what the meaning of 555 was: "All of your efforts are paying off. Abundance is yours to have, live, and experience. Open up your heart, arms, and mind to receive the blessings that are being offered to you now." Losing weight and working on my health is my main focus this year, so reading that I was on the right track and that my efforts are paying off with my workout classes made me feel so good. The same can be true for you if you see angel numbers. When you see them, know that the universe has your back and is supporting you.

Noticing an angel number that's in the 6 realm can also caution you to slow down and look inward. Last week for instance, I was contemplating purchasing an expensive course on how to lose weight and keep it off. The course seemed like it might be a good fit for me but I just wasn't sure if I should spend that much money. While thinking about the course, I was browsing some ebooks on Amazon when I noticed that the ebook I was looking at had 666 reviews. I took that as a sign to mean slow down and think about the course that was on my mind. I needed to look inward and I realized that a course probably isn't going to bring me the answers that I'm looking for, but rather that I need to do the work myself. If you see repeating 666's, definitely take some time to stop what you're doing and trust your intuition.

Whenever you see an angel number, remember that it's a gentle nudge from the universe and that ultimately, you decide its meaning. It's tempting to go to Google and type in the meaning for an angel number and while that's totally okay, you'll also want to trust your own intuition on what the number means to you. An angel number's meaning can vary from person to person based on their own experiences with the number in the past and the way in which and timing that they receive the number. Any way you look at it though, if you're seeing angel numbers, it's a great thing!


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