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Manifestation for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation can be thought of as, "What you think about, you bring about." Basically, manifestation is the ability to bring things that you want into your life through believing that you can and by taking inspired action. Manifestation happens through the Law of Attraction, which is one of 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe that govern all of us. The Law of Attraction is the ability to bring into our lives whatever we are focusing on. For instance, by practicing the Law of Attraction, you could manifest something positive into your life like getting the new job that you've been wanting. You would do this by first believing that you can get this new job and then taking action by applying to the job. Similarly, you can manifest something negative into your life if your thoughts are constantly negative. The Law of Attraction can be thought of as "like attracts like." So when you are thinking positive thoughts, you'll attract positive results, and vice versa.

The manifestation process can be broken down into "act, believe, and receive." We will go into these steps later, but if you remember these three words, you'll understand the basics of how manifestation works. Basically, to manifest something, you need to take action for what you want to manifest, believe that it is possible and trust the universe, and then allow the universe to give you what you're wanting. The manifestation process is delicate in the sense that you have to want what you're manifesting, but you must remain detached. In other words, think about what you want and really want it, take action, but then surrender to the universe and let it go. If you become obsessed or attached to what you're trying to manifest, there will be friction and you won't manifest what you desire.

Now that you know what manifestation is, let's talk about what manifestation is not. Manifestation is not magic. You can't expect to sit on your butt all day but have the universe work miracles for you just because you wished for something. With the combination of thought and inspired action, however, you can manifest whatever you desire.

What can I Manifest?

You can use manifestation to bring forth whatever you want into your life. You can manifest things like a parking spot, hearing your favorite song on the radio, a sign from the universe, something you want to buy going on sale, or good weather. And you can manifest the bigger things you want in life too, like a romantic relationship, a new friendship, a new career, a promotion, pregnancy, weight loss, or making a certain amount of money. There are no limits on what you can manifest.

When I say that there are no limits, you might be tempted to try to manifest something like the lottery. While it's possible to manifest the lottery, I recommend focusing on other goals instead. Here's why: sooo many people are trying to win the lottery. All of the people who buy a lottery ticket are sending out vibrations to the universe that they want to win. Since there can only be one winner in the lottery, you are competing with everyone else who wants to win as well and the universe is taking all of that in. If you try to manifest money in a different way, however, I believe that you will have much better results because the universe will have a better understanding of what you want and how to get it to you.

Something to keep in mind when you're trying to manifest something is the state of mind that you're in. With manifestation, always try to come from a place of abundance and not scarcity. If you approach manifesting with worry, dread, and lack, you may unconsciously manifest things you don't want. Remember, like attracts like. The universe knows the vibrations that you are emitting. So, if you're emitting vibrations of fullness and prosperity while thinking about what you're trying to manifest, the universe will know you want more of that. If, however, you're thinking about what you want while having feelings that you will never have enough of it and other negative thoughts, the universe will interpret that as you not wanting what you're thinking about and will not give you more of it. The universe doesn't know good versus bad. It just knows what energy you're putting out and it will match that.

How to Manifest What You Want:

7 Easy Steps for Manifesting Anything You Want:

  1. Decide what you want to manifest. Are you wanting a particular car? To meet your soulmate? To start your own business? Ask yourself why you want what you're trying to manifest and make sure it aligns with what you want for your future. Once you've determined what you want to manifest, try to be very specific about what you're asking the universe for. For instance, if you want a new car, decide exactly what car you want: the brand, the model, the color, etc. Becoming crystal clear on what you want will help you visualize your goal and let the universe know exactly what you're wanting.

  2. Start small and with one goal at a time. If you're new to the world of manifestation, I encourage you to start with something small so that you build your confidence and begin to trust in the universe. Also, focus on just one goal at a time because if you have multiple things you're trying to manifest when you've never consciously manifested anything before, you might get worn out if you don't see immediate results. Once you've manifested your first goal, you can move on to the next one and so on.

  3. Work on your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are the false idea that we can't do something or that we're incapable of achieving something. We all have limiting beliefs about one thing or another, which can take many forms (e.g., we believe we aren't worthy of love so we'll never meet the right person, we believe we aren't smart enough, we believe that we'll always be poor, etc.). Conquering our limiting beliefs is a crucial step in manifestation. If you want to manifest your soulmate but deep down you don't believe you're worthy of being loved, you'll never be able to manifest that person. Once we overcome our limiting beliefs, we can start to believe in our own ability to manifest and in the power of the universe.

  4. Ask the universe (or God, angels, whatever you believe in) for what you want. More importantly, ask for what you want as if you already have it. You can do this by saying something like, "Universe, thank you for giving me... (insert what you want to manifest)." You can say this aloud, mentally, or you can write it down in a journal. If you've been dreaming of a new home, for example, you could say, "Universe, thank you for giving me this beautiful home to live in that I love waking up in every day." Then visualize what you're trying to manifest. Picture your dream home in great detail. Imagine what the outside looks like. What's in the front yard? What's the color of your front door? Then imagine the inside. Picture where your bedroom is. Imagine your living room filled with the people you love during the holidays. By asking the universe for what you want as if you already have it and by seeing it as if you already have it, you are putting out the energy and vibrations that you already have it so the universe wants to give you more of it. Like attracts like.

  5. Believe that what you want is happening for you and take action. This is probably the toughest step. For manifestation to work, you need to truly and completely believe that what you want is going to come true because the universe is always working in your favor. This will become easier after you've manifested a couple of things. Once you manifest something, you'll be like, "Wow this manifestation thing really works!" At least that's how I felt. At the same time, you need to do the work. Remember, manifestation isn't magic. In order for you to get what you want, you still need to take inspired action and put in the work. Let's say you're wanting to lose weight. You can definitely manifest that, but you also need to exercise and eat healthy. Just wishing to lose weight won't make it so.

  6. Be patient. The universe has its own sense of time and doesn't work on your schedule. It could take days, weeks, months, or years to get what you want depending on what it is. Trust the process and continue to try to manifest what you want.

  7. Practice gratitude. Once you've manifested something, don't forget to pause and be grateful! Manifestation is so exciting that sometimes people forget to give thanks and immediately move into trying to manifest the next thing, but expressing gratitude to the universe is important. By thanking the universe for helping you achieve whatever it was you wanted, the universe will know it's on the right track with helping you and will continue to do so.

How Manifestation Can Change Your Life:

In my opinion, manifestation is the best thing you can do to achieve your goals and dreams. As Tony Robbins says, only 20% of success is skill, the other 80% is mindset. Manifestation has so much to do with your mindset and when you're in the right state of mind combined with doing the work, amazing things will happen. We all want to know how we can lose weight, make more money, find true love, and be happy. The secret is manifestation. It's really pretty simple. Once you start believing that you can change your life through manifestation and you're willing to take massive action, nothing can stop you.

What if I Don't Get What I'm Trying to Manifest?

If you're not manifesting what you want, here are a few reasons that might explain why:

  1. What you are asking for is not for your highest self. The universe is always working in your favor. If the universe doesn't give you what you're asking for, it's because the universe is going to give you something else that is just as good or even much better. Last year, I applied for what sounded like an amazing job. The pay was great and the company sounded really cool. The company decided to go with someone else and I was really bummed, but just a couple of short months later, I was slammed with work in my own photography business. There's no way that I would have had time to work at that company and run my own business so I either would have had to quit that job or worse, give up my own business. To top it off, I made even more money last year in my business than I would have at that other company. I realize now that job was not for my highest self and that the universe was protecting me so that I could do what I truly love, photography.

  2. You don't truly believe in the universe and the process. If you don't believe that manifestation works, it won't. You have to completely surrender yourself to the process and trust that the universe has your back.

  3. You're focusing on the wrong things. You may think you're trying to manifest something like a new job but if you're focusing on all of the things you hate about your current job, you won't manifest what you're looking for.

  4. Your energy is off. If you're trying to manifest something but having bad feelings about it (worry, doubt, fear) you won't manifest it. The universe will be confused about what you're asking for and because of the negative energy you're giving the universe will actually think you're asking for less of the thing you're trying to manifest.

  5. You're not taking action. In order to manifest what you want, you have to go out there and take inspired action! You need to do the work. You can't expect the universe to do everything for you when you won't put in any effort. If you don't put in effort, the universe won't think you're ready for it, and it's probably right.

I hope this post has helped clarify what manifestation is and why you need it in your life. Manifestation has helped me in so many ways and I'm very glad that I found out how to practice it in my daily life. If you've just discovered manifestation and want to learn more, I encourage you to check out the resources I've linked below.

Resources to Help You Get Started with Manifestation:

The Secret book or movie (movie is on Netflix)

The Law of Attraction

Manifestation Babe Podcast


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