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How to Plan Your Week for Success

We've all heard the quote, "Success is when preparation meets opportunity," and I completely believe this is true. Sure, we can get lucky at times and have success without preparing, but how much more success would we experience if we prepared for it? By planning out your week ahead of time, you will set your future self up for success. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Identify your goals for the upcoming week. What goals do you really want to or need to accomplish? Do you have a work deadline coming up, a birthday party you need to organize, or a vacation to plan? Think about your goals for the week and mentally or physically write them down.

  2. Schedule your upcoming week on Sunday. With your goals in mind, schedule out your upcoming week. I like to schedule my weeks on Sundays so that I'm prepared for the week ahead and I know what to expect. Your scheduling could include your work, exercising, meal prepping, taking the kids to their activities, and anything else that will happen.

  3. Assign one day for all of your errands and chores. While you can definitely incorporate errands and chores into every day of your week, I recommend setting aside one day (usually not a whole day) to tackle all of it so that you can enjoy the other days of your week and feel super accomplished on your errand/chore day. I do all of my errands and chores like laundry and grocery shopping on Sundays.

  4. Use Google Calendar. You may be a paper planner person, but I highly recommend switching to a digital calendar. Using Google Calendar has simplified my life for the better and I don't know what I'd do without it. You can read all about how to use Google Calendar to plan your schedule here.

  5. Incorporate a little you-time every day. Taking care of yourself and spending time on you is so important. But if we don't have a plan, time for ourselves can often fall through the cracks. When you're preparing for the week, set aside a little time for yourself each day. This can just be waking up 10 minutes earlier in the mornings before your kids wake up to enjoy a cup of tea by yourself or going to bed 20 minutes earlier to have some reading time.

  6. Say no to social events you don't want to do. Of course there are obligations that we have to do and can't get out of, but I'm betting that there are a number of things you say yes to that you really don't have to. If someone invites you to something you really don't want to go to, start practicing saying no. Your time is precious and every time you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else (maybe something you'd rather be doing!).

I hope these tips help you get in the routine of planning out your week ahead of time so that you can accomplish more of your goals. Now go get planning my friend! ;)

Your gal,



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